Times change. And with that, so does wedding day style. For the bride, the dress has always been at the top of the priority list, but the same couldn’t be said for most men. It’s about time we caught up.

The days of ill-fitting rental tuxes, matching vests, and waxy, cheap dress shoes are over. Today’s man likes his wedding attire to match his style and personality. Before, it was simply the groom and his groomsmen taking an afternoon trip to Men’s Wearhouse (no disrespect to the fine folks there), finding the first available associate, getting measurements taken, then they’re handed a suit in a bag that does nothing more than get the job done. But no man wants to look back on their wedding photos in horror:


Wouldn’t you rather look at those pictures with a sense of unbridled satisfaction and approval?


One way you can do that is to take some time to figure out what you want you and your groomsmen to wear. Maybe talk to over with your bride-to-be, because let’s face it, she probably knows how to dress you better than you do. Once that is agreed upon, the biggest thing that you cannot overlook is fit. The nicest suit in the world is still going to look bad if it doesn’t fit you well. Even if you opt for something other than a suit, this still applies. What is most important, however, is that you are comfortable in what you are wearing and that it reflects who you are. Do these things and you cannot go wrong.

Some inspiration for the uninspired:

Since 1957, GQ has been the go-to publication for men for fashion and style. Two weeks ago they published an article titled “What To Wear On Your Wedding Day,” and in the article are 7 somewhat alternative options to the standard wedding attire. From a dressed-down “rocker” look to an classic suit with an earthy touch, this should give you some styles to consider so you can shine right along side your new bride. Check out the article here.

[What To Wear On Your Wedding Day]

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